Building Trust With Quality Work

A High-Tech Approach to Remodeling

Bringing high-tech project management to the construction business!

We are strongly driven by "true" customer satisfaction. We understand that remodeling home or just a kitchen remodeling is a big task, both mentally and financially. As renovators we understand the trust you place in us to make your house remodeled to the best it can be. You've probably talked to friends who pick remodeling companies who are rated very high in renovation, but end up being just another construction company and a pain to deal with.

Pure Remodeling does things differently: we are partnered with high-tech project management professionals who drive all aspects of our project. When we remodel your home you will be able to see formal and informal communication, explanations should there be any changes to the plans, and clear and crisp expectations. We understand the need for your renovated place to look perfect !

Your one-stop Design & Build Contractor in Bay Area

Our crews bring over 10 years of experience undertaking every remodeling project you can imagine. We can start with an existing design, or we can bring you everything from renovation design ideas, architectural design, structural engineering and helping you select your finishes. Of course, we will work with the city to get your design approved and schedule city inspections and ensure we pass all of them. 

We have our own team who are local to Silicon Valley. We execute home/kitchen/bathroom remodeling projects in all Bay Area (San Jose, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, Saratoga, Cupertino or San Francisco ) 

Pure Remodeling also offers you industry-best warranties on our work that you can find nowhere else in the industry! 


It's all about Accountability!


Be it backyard remodeling or a custom home construction, we enforce a strict accountability policy with all of our employees. If either you or we believe that our employees aren't adhering to our philosophy, we give them a opportunities to address and fix issues first, and if errors are repeated, we part ways. 

It's our Crew!


Unlike many other construction companies in Bay Area that pretty much sub-contract everything (yes, they do even if they tell you they don't), but we have our own crews.  Hence our projects (home/kitchen/ bathroom remodeling) can be managed better with sharper timelines. This also enables us to drive a standard customer commitment philosophy across our company.